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When you're looking for a used Chevrolet Kseries Silverado, you best deal with the people that know trucks. Smith Chevrolet Cadillac is the only authorized Chevrolet dealership in Kamloops B.C. that services and sells Chevrolet KSeries Silverado. Every used K series Silverado goes through a service check to make sure that it meets every safety aspect on the road today.

Towing, Towing Weights and capacities:

Chevrolet Trailering

Things that you should especially look for is the towing weights and capacities. Make sure before you buy a Chevrolet Truck that you make sure it will tow what you need to tow.To check towing and trailering capacities click here

Always inspect what you expect:

     Used Chevrolet Trucks can be of great value to a consumer, or if you buy it off the street or the wrong dealer you could end up with large unexpected costs. There are a couple of ways to protect yourself from falling into one of these traps:

1. Always have the vehicle inspected. Many times consumers buy a vehicle from a private person or a questionable dealer and find out after the fact that they bought more than they bargained for. Have the brakes inspected to see the wear on the pads. Make sure the transmission is not slipping and the transmission fluid is good. Hows the compression in the engine? There are 1000's of moving parts in a Chevrolet Truck, make sure you're not paying to repair them.

2. Pull a CarProof on the vehicle. We've seen many times where a consumer bought a vehicle privately and found out later there was a huge loan still left on the vehicle. A lot of consumers don't realize that regardless of who took out the loan on the car that the loan goes with the truck.

3. Check for repairs. Nothing depreciates the price of an vehicle than an accident. Whether the drop in price is preceived or real makes no difference. It is better to be informed before you write your check.

4. Check our towing guide for what you need to tow your boat or RV. A lot of consumers don't find out till they are pulled off the road.


   Smith Chevrolet Cadillac checks each used truck that comes into it's inventory and unless it's GM certified it won't make the lot.

Chevrolet K2500 Silverado

We always keep a good selection of Chevrolet Silverado's in stock so browse our inventory and find the best one for you. If you wish to test drive a used Chevrolet K series Silverado, click on the link below.

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