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We often receive feedback from our customers regarding the service they have received at our dealership, whether in Sales, Service, Body Shop, or our Parts Department. The vast majority of feedback we receive is positive, but not all.

Although we do our best to please everyone, sometimes we make a mistake that results in customers having a less than perfect experience. In these instances we do our best to fix the problem as quickly as possible, and use your constructive criticism to improve our service for all our customers in the future.

If you have something to tell us, our Customer Service Representative Lana would love to hear from you at lrobertson@smithgm.com!










May 26, 2015

Subject : Congratulations of Fine Customer Service

On our way from Calgary to Parksville we had car problems and were waylaid in Kamloops. Being the May long weekend nothing was open but we showed up at 0700 May 18 and the guy in reception opened and was kind enough to connect to the car computer and diagnose the possible problem. They even opened a little early and got us into the service bay and another guy checked us in and took the vehicle particulars. We then waited and within an hour Phillip told us the problem; a burnt spark plug wire; had it repaired and sent us on our way. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to these 3 men and commend them for their super courteous and fast service. WELL DONE.

Herbert Pierce





Congratulations to Chief Fred Sampson and the Siska Indian Band on your new 2014 Chevrolet Trax. Thank-you for choosing the AWD Trax and letting me take care of your vehicle needs.




Congratulations to Lynda and Jack on the purchase of their awesome 2012 Equinox! Stan was happy he could help find you the perfect vehicle!





Meet Jake Darling, and say hello to his very FIRST new car! Chad was happy to help Jake select the perfect vehicle to call his own. Congratulations and welcome to the Smith Chevrolet Family, Jake!

 Jake darling




John and CindyCongratulations John and Cindy on your new 2015 Chevy Silverado! Stan was happy he could find you the perfect new truck!




 Congratulations to Dan Tweed on the purchase of his 2014 Corvette! Enjoy the ride! Dan used the smithgm.com website to find his new Vette.






Congrats Mr.Thompson on your new truck! Dale was very happy to find your perfect truck. 

New 2014 GMC delivered to








July 15th 2012

To: Smith Chevrolet Service


Good morning, people sometimes forget to pass along the good so here it is. On Friday (the 13th!) we were on our way home from a 2 week trip through Alberta with our travel trailer when my Escalade broke down on the Coquihalla hwy 40km south of Kamloops around 11AM. We had BCAA bring us into your facility around 1:00 where we were greeted by Rene. We explained that our travel trailer was left on the hwy and we were due in Chillawack to swap rigs with my son and family as they were doing a weekend camp out and wanted my travel trailer and vehicle. Rene was able to have someone look at the vehicle while we went for lunch and assess the repair as my main belt had disintegrated and I over heated and lost all power. In the end the tensioner bearing had ceased and caused the failure most likely from the extreme heat the day before. Rene was able to turn us around and get us rolling by 3:30 and we made it back in time to drop off our unit to my son for the weekend. Considering the situation we felt your team went above the norm to help us in the and I just wanted to pass along a big thank you.......





June 14th 2012

To: Smith Chevrolet Sales


Wendy is amazing!! I had met her when I was looking at trucks last year. When I finally decided that the time was right for my new truck I went directly to her. I walked into her office, sat down, and said I am here to buy my red Chev :)

When I was shopping around last year my test drive with Wendy stayed in my mind, during our drive she showed my features on the truck that no other sales person at other dealerships had ever mentioned. She asked me questions to ensure that I was looking at the model that best suited my needs and made sure that we went over all the vehicle options so that I was choosing the right truck. Based on talking about those options we chose the Z71 model, so glad that we did. Every single day that I drive my truck I love it more and more.

In the five weeks that I have owned my truck I have put over 5200km on it! Smith Chev is amazing and Wendy is even more amazing. She has gone above and beyond. Thank you so very much,





May 25th 2012

To: Smith Chevrolet Sales


Craig(Gallant) was awesome. This was our 3rd car with Smith Chev and we haven't been disappointed at all. Craig explained every option under what our budget was and he made it even better when we left there paying less than when we arrived there. The best. Have always mentioned Craig when talking with friends about getting a car, he's the man!




May 8th 2012

To: Smith Chevrolet Service


 I have always been completely satisfied with the service here.




April 25th 2012

To: Smith Chevrolet Sales


My sales consultant (Craig Gallant) was extremely good, he is going to excel in this market. Smith Chevrolet has a valuable asset.




April 18th 2012 

To: Smith Chevrolet Service Department


The staff at Smith Chevrolet demonstrate a professionalism and commitment to customer service that is exceedingly rare these days. I have every confidence in their work and recommend their dealership without reservation.




March 20th 2012 

To: Smith Chevrolet Body Shop 


Hi Lana:

Just wanted to send a note about the great service I received from your shop.  I've never been in an accident before and you guys made it "painless".  I hope to never have to use your services again but I will definitely recommend you to people I know!

I really appreciated that you cleaned it as well - almost smells new again :0)


Thanks again!



September 1st, 2011

To: Anthony Muzzillo(Dealer Principal)


Dear Mr. Muzzillo 

If you ask most people they will tell you a negative experience they have had buying a car. I too have had my fair share but my recent purchase from your dealership was definitely not one of them.

Due to an accident my last vehicle was written off and had to be quickly replaced. After doing extensive research I had narrowed my focus down to a small number of makes and models that met my criteria and began my search of local dealerships. By the end of the fourth day I had test driven many vehicles but had failed to find one that satisfied the critical criteria of condition, mileage and price.

I had not seen a suitable vehicle on your lot during an earlier visit but my wife suggested I look again. As luck would have it we encountered Sales Consultant Cal Givens as we arrived at the dealership. After explaining my needs Cal advised that he did not have any cars that matched my criteria but in his warm, easy going and professional manner he encouraged me to look at a couple of vehicles that were available. In particular Cal suggested I consider a one owner 2009 Malibu LS. I immediately saw it for what it was a clean, well maintained and low mileage vehicle that had all the features I was looking for. However, the price was outside my budget. Cal spoke to his manager and was able to reduce the price but it was still more than I wanted to spend and I still had another vehicle that I had arranged to test drive.

On the way home my wife and I talked about the Malibu, Cal and our experience and as a result I decided to arrange a test drive. The following morning I called Cal on short notice and without hesitation he arranged for us to take the Malibu out.

My wife and I were hardly off the lot when we both realized what a well-made and feature rich vehicle it was. After an hour of driving we knew that it surpassed any vehicle we had recently driven. I asked Cal to give me an hour while I drove the other vehicle and came to a decision. It was no contest and even though the Malibu's cost was higher than I had intended to pay I knew I would regret not buying it.

Knowing I was in a time crunch Cal arranged to have the car immediately detailed, inspect a couple of items I had noted in my test drive and to have it ready for me the following afternoon. He came in on his day off to finalize the deal and despite simultaneously dealing with another customer handled it all with a grace, humor and professionalism that I rarely encounter anymore.

Cal is one of those rare combinations of experience, product knowledge, personality and customer service orientation that you hear about in automotive sales but only encounter if you are lucky which I consider myself to be. In my opinion Cal should be teaching automotive sales to new consultants or at the very least be assigned as a mentor. Because of Cal I look forward to a long association with your dealership and will not hesitate in referring others to it.




Good afternoon Wendy the truck is running great, I went and got the inspection for Alberta completed and passed with flying colours. Thank you again for putting that truck out front and let me take it off your hands for you LOL!

Everybody here now thinks am a high roller cause its so nice, little do they know I don't own a bolt in it!!

The truck pulled our trailer home so nicely I had to check the mirrors to see if the trailer was there, lacking a little power from my old truck but its nice to drive. Tanya didn't like the fact she couldn't watch the movie from the front seat on the way home either.


In closing do you need anything more from me….and thank you for the nice truck.




 I always have the most helpful, friendliest, and professional service. I am very happy and proud to be a chev owner. Was in today and had my tires changed over. Thank you everyone for great service. (:



Dear Smith GM:

This letter is long overdue. In July I set about replacing my truck with a new one. My needs had changed , so I was trying to find a truck that would serve my new uses. I dropped by your dealership to look at your inventory and start to develop a plan. I tend to research my vehicles to a very high degree before making a purchase, and take my time making sure I get a vehicle that suited my needs. I have owned a number of GM pickups, and I am very familiar with the product line, and their specifics.

While on the lot, I met Mr.Dave Stephens from your sales staff. Immediately I was placed at ease by him, he was friendly and genuienly interested in helping, without the usual sales pressure that causes me to leave a dealership not likely to return. Dave set about getting me information, took the time to ensure that he had the correct information, and at no point did he ever try to bamboozle me with BS... If he didn't have an answer, he said was very good about admitting he didn't, but he would get me the correct information immediately. This very much impressed me.  I distrust salespeople who 'make up' as they go. More then once I have left a dealership because of it.

Over the next 3-4 weeks, as I worked thru different options. Dave showed great patience, effort and proffesionalism in meeting my many and varied requests. As I narrowed down the search, Clint Duff became involved in the 'project', and again I was extremely happy with my dealings with him. Clint showed the came devotion to customer service that Dave had exhibited, and he and Dave were able to work up pricing that got me to where I needed to be on the vehicle I ultimately chose. I was very impressed, and felt very well and fairly treated.

I wish to thank Dave, Clint, Allen Dunk, Mike Brown and indeed the rest of your staff that helped bring my vehicle purchase to a sucessful completion. You have great staff, and I hope that Dave is able to further develop and excel with his excellent cusotmer service, supported by Clint and the rest of the staff at Smith. I will be very sure to recommend Dave and your dealership to anyone I know that is looking for a GM product. 

Thanks everyone at Smith for a very, very positive buying experience.






We did shop alot of other dealerships in Kamloops, Wendy was fantastic. The other dealerships do not even compare when it comes to service. Wendy went out of her way to take the car to my wifes work place on her lunch so that she could test drive it. Not one other dealership even comes close. Keep up the great service. You will get my recommendation.




Dear Mr. Muzzillo,

Many businesses talk about customer service but all too often that is all
they do. In the year and one half since I purchased my vehicle from your
dealership I have been continually and repeatedly impressed by the people
who work there.

 From Service to Parts to Reception everyone I have dealt with has always
been genuinely friendly, professional and welcoming.  It is truly a
comfortable feeling dealing with the staff of Smith GM.  That said there are
always individuals in any organization who go above and beyond and for me on
several occasions now that person has been Dominic Carbonette.

Mr. Carbonette once said to me that he would not be happy unless I was
happy with the service I received. I believed him when he said it and he has
demonstrated it every time I have brought my vehicle in for servicing.
Whether it is an oil change or something more complex he has taken a
personal interest and often hands on approach to addressing my needs.

As an example today Dom took it upon himself to find and programme a
Keyless Remote because mine had stopped working.  He spent half an hour and
must have gone through 8 or 10 units before he found one that would work
with my vehicle.  Some people might find this a small gesture but to me it
spoke to his commitment to service and that in my view is no small thing.




I recently purchased a 2007 SILVERADO from SMITH CHEVROLET. I would like to pass on my compliments to your staff who made my purchase a pleasant experience. Everyone I came in contact with made sure I was being looked after and made sure I would be a happy customer. Special thanks to Cal Givens who put the deal together. I will certainly purchase my next vehicle from SMITH. Thanks as well to Allan Dunk who made the paperwork easy.



Abbotsford BC 


 May, 13 2013

I bought a 2010 lancer from the Kamloops Smith Chevrolet and the service was unbelievable! Stan went above and beyond! The best experience at a car dealership I've ever had!
Thank you Stan!




To the Owners and Staff at SMITH GM,

I feel the need to tell you about how my family and I were treated at your dealership when passing thru Kamloops on our way to Vancouver Island for our family holiday.

I had the "fortunate" circumstance of having the check engine light come on in my husband's 2009 Sierra while pulling our trailer with our 2 small children to the island for our vacation.  My husband was not travelling with us as he had a last minute meeting that he had to attend so I decided to pull our trailer out ahead of him to save time and make the most of our holiday and would pick him up at the Victoria airport the day after his meeting.  Now no family ever wishes to have vehicle trouble on their holiday, or any other time for that matter, but I/we feel very fortunate that the light came on where it did and with whom we were sent to.  I had originally stopped at Zimmer Chevrolet and asked them to code the truck and find out what was wrong.  The service guy that I spoke to (Jerry – sorry didn't get a last name) eagerly came out to the vehicle and got the codes.  When we went back into the service area he informed me of what was wrong and that it was in my best interest to have it fixed immediately but that they did not have any ‘drivability guys' working that day. He offered to call and ask if one of the other dealerships in town could squeeze us in and that's how I came to SMITH. 

Dominic Carbonette met us with a warm smile and got the needed information from me to get the ball rolling so that we could be in and out and back on our way.  He explained that the mechanic , Philip, was just finishing up the job he was working on, would be taking his lunch break and then we would be looked after.  I had absolutely no issue with this timeline as I was extremely happy that we were being accommodated.  Once we were done checking in with Dominic, my 4 year old son (who is also named Dominik) was inquiring if his iPad had enough charge yet as he had drained the battery from earlier on.  Dominic graciously offered to plug it in while we waited so that it would be ready for my son when we left.  We waited in our trailer and Philip came out and to bring the vehicle into the service bay. Once the vehicle was parked in the bay we were offered to go back in the trailer while the truck was being worked on.  Philip even offered to plug the trailer in so that we had electricity while he did his thing to which I declined and said that there was no need but thanked him for the offer.  Upon checking out and signing off Dominic explained what needed to be done at our dealership when we arrived back at home in Alberta.  He printed off the bulletin and took the time to write things down for me so that I would not miss out in telling my husband what had been AND what needed to be done.

I CANNOT express enough my sincere thanks and warm felt experience that we had at your dealership.  From the moment we showed up on your lot, to the time that we left, we felt like a guest in your home.  Your objective "Customers for life" on your website was truly felt by myself and my husband when I relayed my experience.  He has been a proud GM owner for the last 20 years (2 Jimmy's, 4 Sierra's and counting…) and the way I was treated at Smith GM confirmed that he made the right choice.  I have no doubt that we will be "customers for life!"  You truly gave us the best service we could've asked for!!!  The objective statement  for your dealership, ("Customers for Life" is our objective here at Smith Chevrolet Cadillac Ltd. Our dedicated team of 58 employees believe in giving our customers the best of service at all times.) in my opinion, is PERFECT for you and your staff!!!


Sincerely and with MANY thanks,


Cathy Metzinger

(along with Rob, Dominik and Emma)



We purchased a new Chevy last week and we wanted to send a note to tell you about our experience with your dealership. 
From the time we pulled into your car lot for the first time until we drove out in our new car, we were extremely pleased with the very professional manner in which we were treated. Rob Crawford helped us select a car that would fit our needs, explained how all the options work, and answered our many questions with ease. Allen Dunk then guided us thru financing with ease, and on pick up day, Clint Duff completed the financial portion with the same ease. 
We had not purchased a vehicle in quite a long time, and we both found the Smith experience to be relaxed and enjoyable. 

Bill and Fran McLean
Chase, B.C.



Dear Mr.Muzzillo,

We just want to write a quick note to express our appreciation to some employees at your dealership.

Over the years we have bought two vehicles from Mark Weiler. We have always found him to be professional, friendly, knowledgable, honest and we enjoy coming to see him just to say hello.

Another employee we really enjoy is Lana in the Body Shop. She and her team, are exeptional and Lana is a real pleasure to talk to.

The service department receptionists are excellent and the service department has always met our needs with exceptional service.

We have even sent our daughter, who drives a Lexus, to your body shop department and she is also very pleased.

We think it is important to acknowledge the wonderful staff and service that we have always enjoyed with Smith Chev GM.


Thank you for your time.

Mal and Kerry Tarnawsky 


 Devon Domanski talks about her experience with the 2013 Cadillac ATS!




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