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GM Chevrolet Cadillac Dealership Near Merritt BC

The decision to purchase a new or used vehicle is often and important one and you want to take the time in considering all elements of the decision making process. We at Smith Chevrolet Cadillac located in Kamloops, BC understand this reality and we've tailored our dealership to serve you. Taking pride in providing the best customer service and experience, we've developed an Out of Town Buyers Program that is designed to cater to those looking to purchase a vehicle living in the Merritt, BC and surrounding area.

Just a little over 1 hours' drive from Merritt to Kamloops BC, the trip is a small one to make given that buying a new or used vehicle is an important decision. The Smith Chevrolet Cadillac experience makes it worthwhile as we offer some unique benefits through our Out of Town Buyers Program.

Authorized GM Chevrolet Cadillac Dealership Near Merritt BC

As an authorized dealership there is comfort in knowing that our vehicles are certified and go through exhaustive testing requirements to meet our high standards. The certification process includes a warranty that provides the peace of mind knowing that you are purchasing a quality vehicle that is certified by a dealership that is authorized.

Benefits From Smith Chevrolet Cadillac Ltd.

Our focus on customer service  and experience is one thing, but what is it about Smith Chevrolet Cadillac sets us apart when it comes to customers from the Merritt BC area? There are a few things, we want your trip to Kamloops to be an enjoyable one that goes beyond buying your next vehicle. If you are looking to spend the night in Kamloops, simply give us a call and we'll go ahead and book a room for you for the night. Have a place to stay or not staying the night? Then we'll pay for dinner (2 people) as part of your trip. Once you purchase your new vehicle and provide the receipts, we will pay for the room or dinner. Taking it a step further when we deliver your car we'll include the gas to compensate for your trip.

There is more at Smith Chevrolet Cadillac for Merritt BC Customers

Check out our Out of Town Buyers Program for more details as there are several other reasons and considerations that make the trip to Smith Chevrolet Cadillac dealership in Kamloops BC a worthwhile one.