Lorne Hamer-Jackson

 Lorne on The Chevy Team



Lorne Hamer-Jackson has a simple adage that he has lived by since he was a rookie sales consultant way back when:

"Live to Sell/Sell to Live"

It's a motto or creed so to speak that Lorne has lived up to in his almost 30 years in the car business. He is the consummate Sales person as his loyal customers can attest to. Working hard to keep them happy by picking up and delivering their vehicles if it requires service to making sure that the vehicle is spotless and fully operational on delivery.

Lorne has been with Smith Chevrolet Cadillac for 18 plus years and has a total of 28 years working with the GM brand. Lorne didn't just learn his trade, it was in his genes. His whole family from his father down has been in the sales service industry before he started his sales career.

Lorne has been married to Fran for 28 years and has 2 kids and a dog.


Get the personal service you deserve from a lifer.


Live to Sell.....Sell to Live




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