Colin McGill


Our financial services manager, Colin McGill has been with us for over a year now, being with a dealership in the Okanogan previously. Colin`s Scotish accent comes through smiling as an indicator for his enjoyment of working with people and his dedication working in in his craft. Colin is very knowledgeable on all types of financing and leasing working with all major finance institutes in Canada as well as all Alternative finance sources in special finance and sub prime finance for credit challenged customers.


I had a chance to sit down with our Financial Services Manager, Colin McGill and ask him some questions:


Smith Chevrolet: What is it like to be an ex-professional hockey player from Scotland living in Canada?

Colin: It's very interesting. First off when I tell people that I played hockey in Scotland I get these crazy looks, like do they play hockey in Scotland? When I tell them that I played professional hockey in Scotland, the conversation generally gets more interesting.

Smith Chevrolet: With a Financial Services Managers' job being as hectic as it is, how do you wind down and relax?

Colin: I find that hitting the gym and be physically active keeps me relaxed. You can have a very busy day but keeping active is my key to relaxing. I also spend time with my wife and dog and that keeps me grounded.

Question 3. Being a Financial Services manager takes a lot of knowledge regarding bank rates, insurance regulations, Vehicle Standards Association regulations, and exacting GM customer service standards, how long did it take you to become the expert that you are in this field?

Colin: Working in an ever changing and evolving industry makes it hard to use only past experience. I would say being an expert in this trade is done through countless hours of constant training and experience. You have to work on your trade every day to make sure you stay the best at what you do.

Smith Chevrolet:  What do you find, in your day to day communications with the customer, the most common misunderstanding that the customer might have in regards to your product and the services you promote?

Colin: Customers come in with a wall up feeling they are being sold to, therefore it is hard to get through the importance of the protection we offer. I know I will make money by making sure my customers have the right coverages to protect them. Not too much but not too little.

Smith Chevrolet: In your automotive career, where would you see yourself in 5 years?

Colin: If all things being equal, I would like to be a General Manager. I love working with people and I have a real passion for the Automotive Industry.